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Guardian Service provides secure logistical support to the Defence Community. Understanding the needs and security requirements of the defence sector requires a specialist logistical provider. One that can deliver control, security, accountability, trust, professionalism and peace of mind. The service provided is direct and secure, thus ensuring the integrity and the security status of the asset at all times. With Guardian Service, ALL drivers and driver's assistants hold MoD sponsored Security Clearances.

The clearances are non restrictive (UK eyes only with full caveat) and allows for the unsupervised and unrestricted access to SECRET assets, including ELECTRONIC DATA, STORES and HARD COPY DATA.  This also allows for supervised and restricted access to TOP SECRET assets.

Guardian Service has developed a unique reactive and responsive capability in order to meet the needs of an industry where the ability to respond to a demand, or an urgent operational requirement from within worldwide theatres can be the difference between success or failure.

All vehicles for the level of SECRET and above are double manned. The vehicles are fitted with Satellite Tracking providing real time updates, thus ensuring that good communication, traceability and the security status of the vehicle and crew are monitored from the moment we collect your asset through to the delivery point.

Guardian Service methodology includes full transport plans, proof of delivery documentation and transit information which provides our customers with the level of security, confidence and trust that our reputation has been built on.

Delivering confidence and security when needed most.

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